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Thank you for Folio Travel order! We look forward to delighting you with recommendations for your upcoming trip. Fill out the Traveler Preferences Survey below to tell us about a few places you've enjoyed on your past trips or in your own backyard, as if you're giving recommendations to a friend. We use this information to personalized your Folio to your unique taste.

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Once your Folio is ready, you will receive an email with a unique link and a password to access your Folio. If you have trouble accessing your Folio, please email us at


Your Folio includes an interactive map, media reviews of each recommendation, and links to more information. Your Folio can be accessed on a phone, tablet, or computer, and downloaded as a PDF for offline access. See a quick overview of how to use and navigate your guide below.

Here are a few tips from our customers on how they got the most of their guide. If you have a tip to share, let us know!

Download your guide to your phone

On an iPhone or iPad, you can save a PDF to the Books app, or the Files app. On an Android device, most downloads are automatically saved to the Downloads folder. If you have third-party storage apps (like Google Drive or Dropbox) downloaded on your phone, you can save to those as well.

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