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Hi there, we're Folio Travel. We create Folios, or personalized travel guides using unbiased, AI-generated recommendations.

We're different than the typical travel planner because we personalized better. Instead of asking for generic travel preferences or putting you into the "x type of traveler" box, we ask for actual examples of places you like (like that amazing seafood place on your last trip to Barcelona). Our recommendation algorithm then finds similar restaurants and activities in your destination city, creating a Folio that's unique to you.

Whether you're too busy to plan your upcoming trip, or overwhelmed with all the information out there, or would just prefer to spend your time doing something else, we have you covered. Let us do the heavy lifting and get used to travel planning, simplified.

Check out how it works to see how easy it is to get a personalized Folio for your next trip.

Our Story

Folio Travel started when our founder, Amy, found herself overwhelmed when planning a recent trip to South Africa. There was simply too much information to comb through, and the top Google search results for "what to do in Cape Town" didn't excite her. With a demanding job that required constant travel to client sites, she didn't have time to filter through numerous lists of must-sees or top restaurants.

She wished she had a way to simply plug in a few examples of places she enjoyed from her past trips, and have a recommendation algorithm go through all of the options in Cape Town and tell her what she would enjoy most. Having spent years designing and implementing these kinds of algorithms for her clients, Amy decided to build one for travel. So, welcome to Folio Travel.

What's Next

We aspire to be your go-to destination for travel planning, simplified.

We're building a platform that gives you the tools to create your own Folio (and if you're crunched for time, we'll still be here to do it for you). Our new platform allows you to share your favorite trip experiences in visually appealing format, easily see and search for restaurant and activity recommendations aligned to your tastes from your friends and top travel gurus, and collaborate on planning a trip with fellow travelers. Learn more and get a sneak peak of our platform.

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