Personalized for Dan

"Reykjavik is hot right now, and Reykjavik restaurants are even hotter. (Okay, it’s freezing, but you get the gist.) Consider the Icelandic city a foodie heaven, especially if you’re into fish and meat. Try the likes of whale, horse and puffin if you’re brave—and if you’re not there’s also a burgeoning vegan scene. The city’s reputation for Nordic cool is well-earned, and you’ll see chic-looking types dressed in black drinking beers on every street here, or down at the Reykjavik Street Food Market which is open every Saturday on Fógetagarður Square—a must-visit if you're looking for top things to do in town. Food doesn’t come cheap in the notoriously pricey city, especially when you’re chowing down on fresh seafood and food direct from the farm, but you always can expect perfectly fresh produce in this down-to-earth yet super-trendy city." - Time Out


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